September 2017

               Monthly General Meeting September13th, 2017.

President opened the Meeting with a Toast to Absent Friends, & a minutes silence was held in memory of WW11 Veteran Billy Lee, who crossed the bar on September 2nd, aged 93.
Guests: President of S.A.A. Terry Baker, and Derek Lilliman.

Apologies: John Breen, Jim Dandie, Steve Dyer, Garry Horsham, Bill Lawrie, Barry Morgan, Bob Pitman, Kath Poularis, Ken Read, Gavin Scrimgoeur, Peter Shield, Roy Stedman, Frank Wilson, Dennis Williams, John Reeve, Ian McKenzie, Eoin Douglas-Smith.

Attendees: Wilma Hannah, Charlotte Keating, Morag Campbell, Peter Greenfield, Mick Hannah, John Harrison, Peter Treen, Bob Wood, Jim Major, Geoff Arnold, Alan Jameson, Paul Meakin, Richard Drain, Tom Oates, Mick Hanlon, Alan Thomas, Pat Thomas, Barry Grace, Roy Widgington, Karl Campbell, John Keating, Ned Newcombe, John Manning.



Ned Newcombe
12 September 1935

J (Bush) Beamon
15 September 1938

Barry Morgan
27 September 18??



                                          President’s Report

I was recently contacted by the Assets Manager, City of Fremantle – Sam Bryce, who informed me that the funding for the upgrading of the Periscope Memorial Site has been turned down by the City of Fremantle Council at their last Meeting. The reason being, that there was a shortfall of $28,000.00. I find this unacceptable due to the Access & Safety issues at the site, & have emailed my response to the Mayor Brad Pettitt, to reconsider this decision due to the deterioration of the pavers & access to this Heritage Site.

Eoin Douglas-Smith’s partner is a lawyer and has offered to investigate the City of Fremantle’s legal obligations to provide wheelchair access and ensure the site is not a trip hazard and send a letter to the City of Fremantle. Anne has volunteered to do this at no cost to the SAA.

There was a good turnout for Billy Lee’s Funeral at Pinnaroo. The Service was attended by Charlotte & Buster Keating, Barry Grace, Tom Oates, Jim Major, Bob Wood, Ned & Yvonne Newcombe, John Harrison, Ted Manning, Pat & Allan Thomas & SAA President Terry Baker. Billy’s sons John & Adrian & their families arranged a very moving Service. On completion of the Service we had Up Spirits to celebrate Billy’s life. Later there was a Wake at the South Perth Bowling Club. 





                                         Secretary’s Report

Correspondence In:
From Dr Tim Gambin: The previous cheque for Olympus Memorial ($500:00) which had the wrong payee due to comms problems.

Correspondence Out:
Invitations to dignitaries for Periscope Memorial Service.
A new cheque for the sum of $500:00 for the Olympus Memorial Fund has been sent. It was brought up at the meeting to restrict the size of our donations in future. It being decided to view each case on merit.

After the spat regarding Associate Members the following is an extract from our Constitution:
(c) The Association is open for Associate Membership to:
(i) Individuals who share the objectives of The Association.
(ii) Submariners who have served in NATO and/or Allied Forces who do not otherwise meet the qualifications required for Full Membership.
(d) Branch Honorary and Associate Memberships shall be a matter for each Branch of The Association providing always that such Members:
(i) shall have no voting powers on matters that will come before the Branch from time to time.
(ii) shall not be eligible for nomination or election to the National Council or the National Management Committee or as an officer of a Branch.
I would remind members that we have at present the following associates holding the following positions
TED MANNING. Slops bosun for the past 4 Years
EOIN DOUGLAS-SMITH Newsletter editor since before I joined the Assoc.
A reminder to members if they would like to send me a brief account of their service history this shall be kept by myself and the president in confidence.

After the issues with recent members it is recommended that single members living alone pursue this avenue. There are many available medic alerts and if you are a member of the R.S.L. they have their own assistance package including gardening services, home catering, toiletry, etc however most councils have pensioner schemes. If anyone wants to take advantage of this service contact me.



                                 Treasurer’s Report


Acceptance Proposed by:  Mick Hanlon
Seconded by:                    Buster Keating



                                                    General Business


After much discussion, it was agreed by the Member’s present to raise another cheque for $500.00 to donate to the Olympus Memorial Fund. Future Donations will be taken on Merit.

Due to the rising costs of Pusser’s Rum which was Proposed by Mick Hannah & Seconded by Barry Grace, to raise the Cost of Rum Tots at our Meeting to $ 3.00 per Tot.

It is recommended that members who live alone, should look into procuring Medic Alert Alarms & wear them. This was brought about by Roy Stedman suffering a stroke at home alone. He was unconscious & disabled for twenty hours until his son Lee found him. Thankfully Roy is making steady progress in St. John of God Public Hospital in Midland & would be pleased to see any visitors.

Previously this has happened to other members, who went 24 hours before assistance could get to them. In the case of stroke patients, the sooner medical aid is applied, the chances of recovery are much greater.

New Submariner’s Association Polo shirts with our Logo embroidered on the left breast are now available in Black or White. Cost is $30.00 each. Please give your Size/Colour Orders to Ted Manning & include payment with your order.
10 Minute Dit: Paul Meakin
Rum Raffle Winner: Peter Greenfield


                                                        Coming Events


Wednesday October 11th SAA Monthly Meeting 1130 for 1200 @ The Flying Angel Club.    Tickets for Melbourne Cup 2017  Sweepstake Draw, will be on sale at this meeting @ $5.00 per Horse. First Prize = $ 50.00 2nd Prize = $10.00 3rd Prize = $ 5.00. Winners will be paid on 8th November Meeting. Please bring your winning horse ticket. 1st; 2nd; 3rd.

Saturday October 14th Allan Thomas’s 70th Birthday 1500 @ Halls Head WA .                      Food and refreshments supplied. No gifts please. BYO Rum, Beer and Wine RSVP Scott or 0432 673 705.

Sunday October 22nd Royal Navy Periscope Memorial Service 1030 @ Fremantle Memorial Park. Lunch afterwards at The Fremantle Navy Club booked for 1200. This is also the wet weather venue if required. Gifts for raffles welcome.

Wednesday November 8th SAA Monthly Meeting 1130 for 1200 @ The Flying Angel Club.

Sunday November 12th Remembrance Day Service 1030 @ WA Maritime Museum. Lunch afterwards at the Fremantle Navy Club. 

Sunday November 19th End of Year Picnic 1200 @ Kings Park Pines BBQ Area. Gifts for raffles welcome.

Wednesday December 6th SAA Monthly Meeting 1130 for 1200 @ The Flying Angel Club. Please note December’s MGM is the first Wednesday of the month, not the usual second Wednesday of the month.

Saturday December 9th Christmas Luncheon 1130 for 1200 @ Mt Henry Tavern. Gifts for raffles welcome.

Golf Day TBA


                                                    Welfare Report

Roy Stedman: On Tuesday morning 22nd August, Roy suffered a stroke. He is now in Midland St. John of God’s public hospital recuperating. Roy has made progress while in hospital. He talks coherently and seems to be in good spirits. He has lost the use of his Left arm & Leg but through Therapy he is making progress. He cannot eat solids and is being fed by tube. He has had many visitors from the Association and all have said he Makes progress each day. Roy sends his regards to the members. He is in Ward 1A Room 17.

Sonja & Ken Read: Ken informs us that Sonja has deteriorated quite a bit, and sometimes she doesn’t know him. Quite a few members have visited and confirm she didn’t know them. Ken visits her every day when he can.

Kath Poularis: Dennis Williams had his usual chat with Kath & Reggie. He reports both are quite OK, with Kathy having some bright moments.

Dennis Williams: Dennis has had a Pacemaker fitted and ordered to relax and take it easy by his Surgeon.



                                                         Crossed The Bar

Cdre. Lawrence Brownshore C.B.E. Passed away aged 63 Years after a long illness. Laurie served in the Royal Navy from 1975-2003. He was a Special-fit Submarine Sea Rider, Commander of Northwood, Director of Naval Manpower (Development) 1997-2000. Commodore HMS Raleigh 2000-2003. After retirement, he became Commodore Sea Cadets.                                  Regards, Jim McMasters.

Keith Bishop: For information, Keith Bishop was given a brilliant send off with his service being attended by members of The Submariners Association along with Standards. Other Submariners and his colleagues from the Northamptonshire Constabulary, family & friends also attended. A sad occasion, but well attended and befitting of such a popular and likeable individual. R.I.P. Keith, you will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Keith.                          Mick Hannah Secretary Australian Branch S.A.

Ralph Lewis: Passed away Wednesday 16th August 2017. I had a telephone call from his son to say he had passed away. Ralph was Cox’n of Starboard Crew in build & 1st commission.                                                           Regards, Ian Warner, Secretary Blackpool & Fylde Branch S.A.

Michael “Dudley” Davenport: Passed away Sunday 20th August 2017 aged 74 Years. Ex Chief ME, . A Member of the Barrow in Furness Branch, Dudley served in HM Submarines from March 1961 to November 1982. He served on HM Submarines Sea Scout, Talent(T), Dreadnought, Resolution, Revenge & Sceptre.                                                                                                Regards, Barrie K Downer, Vice Chairman & Secretary Barrow in Furness .

Bill Vowden: Passed away Thursday 24th August 2017 aged 91 years in Pembroke House Retirement Home in Gillingham Kent. Bill served in the Submarine Service from 1943-1947. He served in HM Submarines Sportsman, Tudor & Vagabond. Regards, Derek Grant, Medway Towns Branch S.A.


CDR. WCF (Bill) Organ OBE CDipAF FCMI RN: Passed away aged 74 years. Bill joined the Royal Navy in 1961 and the Submarine Service in 1966. He served on HM Submarines Artful, Cachalot (1st Lieut.) Perisher 1974, Porpoise (CO), Oberon (CO), Valiant (CO). He served on the Staff of CBNS Washington, and was the Commander of the Submarine School.                            Regards, Mick Hannah, Secretary Australia Branch S.A.

Peter Lewis Lt. RNR: Passed away Saturday 26th August 2017 aged 87 Years. Served in submarines between 1953 and 1954. He served in HM Submarines Springer, Thermopylae, and Upstart. A stalwart member of the Colchester Branch SA.                                            Regards, David Griffiths, Hon. Secretary Colchester Branch SA.

Bill Lee: Passed away Saturday 2nd September 2017 aged 93 Years. Ex Able Seaman Bill served in The Submarine Service  1942-1947. He served on HM Submarines Trenchant,Trump &  Satyr. Regards, Mick Hannah, Secretary Australia Branch SA.


Crossed The Bar (Navy News)

Jim Rae: Passed away 5th May 2017 aged 76 Years. Ex L/Tel he was a member of The Scottish Branch SA. He served in HM Submarines Tally Ho, Trump, Sturdy, Trenchant & Tudor.

William “Bill” Henderson: Passed away 7th May 2017 aged 75 Years. Ex CCMEA(P) Served in HM Submarine Service from 1962-1986. Bill served in HM Submarines Oberon, Andrew & Onslaught. He was a member of the Nottingham Branch SA.

Norman Dodd: Passed away 13th May 2017 aged 75 Years. Ex L/Sea, Served in the Submarine Service from 1962-1969. Norman served in HM Submarines Narwhal, Warspite & Alliance. He was a member of the Merseyside Branch SA.

John Crossman: Passed away 27th May 2017 aged 89 Years. Ex L/Sea, served in the Submarine Service from 1947-1953. John served in HM Submarines Astute, Aurochs, Tabard & Sanguine. He was a Member of The Gosport Branch SA

“Nick” Carter: Passed away 25th July 2017 aged 99 Years. He joined the Royal Navy as a boy Seaman in 1932. He served in the Submarine Service, Coastal Forces & China Fleet. He served on board HMS Southampton at the Battle of Narvik, and was one of the seamen put ashore to assist an Army unit, and was later taken off at Bodo, after some difficulty. He also served in HMS Emerald, Ardrossan & Vesper. He was invalided out of the Royal Navy in 1944. He was a member of the HMS Vesper Association & Coastal Forces Association. 

Association of RN Officers/RNOC

Capt. Peter Cobb RCDS: Passed away 25th June 2017 aged 87 Years. He served in HMS Ajax, Warrior, Drake, Gurkha, Dreadnought (3rd CO) Maidstone, Narwhal, Narvik, Ganges, Seneschal, Tudor, Ocean, Adamant, Terror, Telemachus, Andrew, Selene & Artful.             Regards. Bob. Wood.


                   AE1 Memorial Service, St Paul’s Chapel, HMAS Stirling

This service, on Sunday September 17th, was well attended by the SAA-WA, RAN SUBFORCE personnel, many civilian guests & several of our members, along with partners/wives; Alan Jameson, gave a brief history of his Grandfather, who worked on the construction of AE1/AE2, at Vickers Shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness.

Both Alan Jameson & Allan Thomas, conducted readings during service & most of the congregation laid a Yellow Rose, in a bowl on the Altar, in memory of AE1’s crew; it was a well conducted service led by SAA-WA President Terry Baker, RAN Chaplain Grant Ludlow & Sid Czabator did an excellent job as MC.

RAN SUBFORCE DCASS Cdr Justin Cloney RAN (ex-RN VANGUARD & ASTUTE class SM’s), gave the commemorative address; O/C, of an excellent service most attendees retired to the James Stirling Mess (combined WR, WO & SS Mess), for lunch.

I’m not sure that many, if any of the attendees would have noticed the 2 new large Maritime Support craft (equivalent to the RN’s RFA’s), that were berthed in the Maritime Support area at STIRLING; they had reddish hulls & white superstructure; they are named THOMAS BESANT & HENRY STOKER, in honour of the CO’s of AE1 & AE2; they are also used to support RAN SM Escape & Rescue Ops!!                                                                 Thank-you Buster Keating for the report.



The next Monthly General Meeting will be at The Flying Angel, Fremantle on Wednesday 11th October 2017 commencing at 1200



















September. 2017.

Watts-Tucker.K. (Kevin) WO.(TS). 68. GOSPORT S/m Service:1969-1999
Boats:Sealion, Rorqual, Conqueror, Valiant,
Warspite, Splendid & Churchill


September.6th. 2017.

Charles C Jones. A/ Tel.- L/Sto. 93. DOLPHIN BRANCH.
S/m Service: 1943 - 1949.
Boats: H.33, Spiteful & Supreme.



September. 2nd. 2017.

Lee. W.H. (Bill) AB. ST. 92 Australia Branch.
S/m Service: 1943-1947.
Boats: Trenchant, Trump, & Satyr.


September. 2nd. 2017.

Jon Graham (Ben) Wheeler. in Cumbria.
Served on Revenge & Sovereign



Dated,,, 1st Sept

The Royal Berkshire Submariners were honoured to attend the funeral, this morning, of Jack Edwin Froude at Caversham Crematorium.

Froude.J. (Jack) Stk 1. 96 . ROYAL BERKS
S/m Service:1943-1947
Boats: Sealion, Tantivy, P614 & Trusty.


August. 29th. 2017.

WGF (Bill) Organ. OBE. Cdr. 74.
S/m Service: 1966. --
Boats: Artful, Cachalot , Perisher 1974, Porpoise , Oberon, Valiant .



August. 26th. 2017.


Mark Lane (Submariner) from Harrogate.



August.24th. 2017.


Gerald Victor Marriott. L/SA. 64.
S/m Service: 1972-1985.
Boats: Otter, Olympus, Narwhal, Osiris, & Orpheu




 August. 24th. 2017.

Vowden.W.P.G. (Bill) AB.ST. 91 MEDWAY TOWNS
S/m Service: 1944-1947
Boats:Sportsman Vagabond Tudor.



 August. 20th. 2017.


Michael Davenport (Dudley) C.MEM. 74. BARROW-IN-FURNESS.    

S/m Service: 1961-1982
Boats: Seascout Talent Dreadnought Resolution Revenge Sceptre.


August. 18th. 2017.

John Hamblett. PO.MEM.(L)

Boats: - - - -? Sceptre.



August. 16th. 2017,


Lewis. R.E. (Ralph) CPO.Coxn. 88. DOLPHIN
S/m Service:1959-1969
Boats: Seadevil, Thermopylae, Trenchant, Alderney,
Tiptoe & Resolution



 August. 4th. 2017.

Billy (Chris) Belcher (CMEA)
HMS Tireless build crew



August. 1st. 2017.

Bishop. K.H. (Keith) PO.REL 72. S.A. Exec'. Dolphin.
Membership Secretary.
S/m Service: 1966-1976.
Boats: Finwhale, Oberon, Acheron & Andrew.



August. 1st. 2017.

Keith Radford (Radders) PO. Rel.
Boats: Otus, Conquoror, Opossum.



July.30th. 2017.

Peter 'Ginge' Fairclough, CPO WEM (O). 59.
S/m Service: NK
Boats: NK, S/m10 Polaris.



July. 20th. 2017.

Ken Holtham,  L/Tel. 92.  DERBY.
S/m Service: 1941-1953.
Boats: Acheron, Sahib, Spiteful, Stoic, Sturdy,
           Tabard, Talent & Trenchant.


July. 19th. 2017.

William C Stampton. L/Tel. 97. DOLPHIN.
S/m Service: 1940 until 1946.
Boats: Tuna, Seadog and two Dutch S/M's 015 & Zwardfish


July. 10th. 2017.

Peter Trevalion.   Lt Cdr RNR.   88.    Dolphin branch.
S/m Service: 1952 to 1962
Boats: Astute, Anchorite, Aeneas and Alaric.


July. 1st. 2017.

James Thomsett. AB. LTO. 96. East Kent Branch.
S/m Service: 1941 to 1950.
Boats: H50, P36, K1X, Thule, Sea Nymph, Sturdy & Sea Devil.



June. 28th. 2017.

M.L.C. "Tubby" Crawford RN, DSC and Bar. Capt.
He was First Lt of the first HMS UPHOLDER and Commanded HMS UNSEEN,
operating in the Mediterranean during WW2.

His grandson reports that he had spent 27th with his family and old comrades celebrating his hundredth birthday. He died peacefully in the evening of 28th surrounded by his family having said his farewells.



June. 24th. 2017.


Captain Peter Cobb OBE Royal Navy




June. 19th. 2017.

P.G. (Charlie) Moon. LME. 74. INDALO SPAIN
S/m Service: 1964-1970.
Boats: Token, Auriga, Rorqual & Onslaught.


 June. 16th. 2017.


Trevor W Dodwell. C.R.S 72, Lincoln Branch
S/m Service: 1963 - 1982
Boats: Talent, Andrew, Cachalot, Alliance, Revenge & Resolution.



 June. 10th. 2017

Stanley Crosby. POMEM(M). ex Warspite.


June. 6th. 2017.

Mark James Shores, 31. MEM SM. (Serving. SM 2.)



5th.June 2017

Dave Geeson. WO nuclear greenie,
Dreadnought. Revenge (S) and others.




June. 4th. 2017.

Brian (Twiggy) Birch. P. O. CEL. ( In Australia )
S/m Service: 1959-1969.
Boats: Acheron , Tabard, Taciturn, then RAN.



 June. 2nd. 2017.


Percie Cooke. PO Stoker. 101. Dolphin Branch. Beds & Herts.
S/m Service: 1939 - 1945.
Boats: Narwhal, Tempest, L.28, H49, Cachalot, Thunderbolt,
Turbulent, Clyde, Sturdy and Surf.




May. 30th. 2017.


Norman (Brigham) Young. BEM. CPO.Coxn. GOSPORT S/m Service: 1947-1968 

Boats: Telemachus, Selene, Seadevil, Grampus, Thermopylae, Acheron,Walrus, Seneschal & Scorcher.




May.      2017.


Crossman J. (John) L/Sea. 89. GOSPORT

S/m Service: 1947-1953
Boats: Astute, Aurochs, Tabard & Sanguine.




May. 19th.2017.


S/m Service: 1945-1955
Boats: Tally-Ho, Anchorite, Thorough, & Solent(CO).




May. 19th. 2017.

J. Peter Fox.(Foxy) 47. in Huddersfield.

Known boats: Conqueror, Sovereign, Ursula & Sceptre.



 May. 13th. 2917.


Norman Dodd.  L/Sea.  75.  Merseyside.
S/m Service: 1962 - 1969.
Boats: Narwhal, Warspite and Alliance.


May.12th. 2017.

Christopher Anton Hemmings. 28. (in Devon ) fatal car accident,
Submariner on HMS Triumph, he was an AB Sonar.
Had recently became an Officer and was still serving at HMS Collingwood.



May. 8th. 2017.


Nigel 'Annie' Annable. LSA. 56,  in Nelson. New Zealand.
S/m Service: 1970s-1980s
Known boats: Courageous & Valiant.




Hurndall. D.J. (Derek). TO2.  80.   MANCHESTER 
S/m Service: 1957-1961 
Boats: Taciturn & Ambush.


May.     2017.

Rae.J.B. (Jim)  L/Tel.  82   SCOTTISH.
S/m Service:
Boats: Tally-Ho, Trump, Sturdy, Trenchant & Tudor.


May. 7th. 2017.

Henderson W.H. (Bill) CC.MEA.(P). 76  NOTTINGHAM  

 S/m Service: 1962-1986   
Boats: Oberon, Andrew & Onslaught.


 May. 7th. 2017.


Terry Mortlock.  POLTO, 

 Auriga ,Alliance & Opportune.



May. 2nd. 2017.


Tim, (Rattler), Morgan.
of Sealion fame crossed the bar aged 56.


 May. 2nd. 2017.


Paul Keefe




May. 1st. 2017.


Charles Fredrick Rear.  St Mech.  86.
He served on Tireless in 1953


April. 29th. 2017.

Wade. D.E. (Don). L.M.E. 83. BARROW-IN-FURNESS 
S/m Service: 19/55-1958 
Boats: Sea Scout-Solent Artemis Auriga.



 April. 24th. 2017.


David Cullum. 
Served on Porpoise   wrecker on Trafalger



 April. 19th. 2017.


Richard. A. 'Jumbo' Pearse. OAM.  WOUWSM. 84.
Woodford QLD,
Eastern States Submariner.
S/m Service: 1952-1962.RN--1969-1988.RAN.
Boats: Aurochs, Telemachus, Thermopylae,                                   Thorough,
Tireless & Tapir.
Oxley, Otway,   Ovens, & Onslow.



April.      2017.


John Godkin.  CCMEA(P)
S/m Service:
Boats: Anchorite, Tiptoe, Churchill , Valiant & Courageous,



6th April 2017

Keith Simpson.  CPO(COXN). 87.  Peterborough Branch
S/m Service: 1947-1958.
Boats: Turpin, Selene, Sturdy ,Talent , Ambush, Seraph, Thermoplyae



Tuesday 4th April


Roy ' Fritzy' Mulliner
Sealion, onslaught,Otus, sm1 and others


Reported: 3rd. April. 2017.

P. (Pete). Ray. SAP.(RAN)   68.
S/M. Service: 1969. Ocelot.


  March. 27th. 2017.

 Colin (jake) Wade. .... UC1.
 Resolution. 77-80. & Renown



March.24th. 2017.


David.(Nobby) Hall.  L/ CK. (L) Gosport Branch.
S/m Service: 1970-1990.
Boats: Churchill, Swiftsure, Ocelot, Sealion, Otter, Opossum & Odin.


March 22nd 2017

Tim Austin .  Lt Cdr. 

Resolution, Trenchant, Trump, Opportune, Tabard and Slythian.
CO. Artemis.
retired in 1987 to a  florist shop in Virginia Beach, USA.


21st March 2017

PO Michael Skehill     Blackpool  area
 HMS Alliance, Odin, Orpheus and Olympus as well as others



March 20th.

Mac, McCurry   CRS(SM)
In Devon.
Spartan Assoc'


 March.      2017.

Adam Bergius DSC  S/Lt. RNVR.

Adam served with our late member Lt Cdr Max Shean DSO* RANVR in HMS XE4 during a mission to cut the Singapore-Saigon, and the Hong Kong-Saigon submerged communications cables.


March.12th. 2017


John Finch.  CPO Coxn.  91.  Vectis Branch.
S/m Service: 1948 -1971.
Boats: Sentinel, Thule, Auriga, Sidon, Anchorite,
Thermopylae , Totem, Sanguine, Trenchant,
Trespasser, Tiptoe and Andrew.



March.11th. 2017


Short.H. Hughie.  M(E)1. 76.  Barrow                                             S/m Service: 1962-1967 
Boats:Token & Osiris.




March. 11th. 2017.


Brown. Andy.   79. Mech1,  
in Oulton Broad near Lowestoft.
Served on Auriga 1968-1971.


 8th March. 2017.


Henry John Peach.  LTO. 96.   Isle of Wight.

 Served on  Saracen, Seraph & Taurus,  
1939 - 1945



March 8th. 2017.


 Danny Joyce    OA
Oracle with his brother Bobby, then went to V boats
 Was on Artful before he left.




 March.3rd. 2017.

John 'Bungy' Williams. CPO.MEM(M).
HMS Revenge & HMS Resolution Assoc's.