M G M November 8th, 2017.

The President, Allan Thomas, opened the Meeting with a Toast to Absent Friends.
Guests: Terry Baker (President S.A.A.) Derek Lillyman Cox’n H.M. Submarines, Andrew Drury ex Renown Port Crew & Revenge Stbd Crew,

Apologies: John Breen, Jim Dandie, Steve Dyer, Garry Horsham, Bill Lawrie, Bob Pitman, Barry Morgan, Kath Poularis,
Ken Read, Gavin Scrimgour, Peter Shield, Roy Stedman, Frank Wilson, Peter Greenfield, Angad Singh, Ian Mackenzie,
Dennis Williams, Eoin Douglas-Smith.

Attendees: Margaret Melville, Wilma Hannah, Pat Hanlon, Charlotte Keating, Mick Hannah, Bob Wood, John Manning, Mick Hanlon, Alan Thomas, Pat Thomas, Tom Oates, Alan Jameson, John Harrison, Peter Treen, Richard Drain, John Reeve, Paul Meakin, Geoff Arnold, Barry Grace, John Keating, Ned Newcombe, Carl Campbell, Jim Major.


                            Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

Secretary Mick Hannah advised the President & Members attending that he would be standing down as Branch Secretary, but would like to carry on in the role of Membership Secretary. This is a newly created position in our Association, & would relieve the new Branch Secretary of this task.
Many thanks for your efforts as Branch Secretary Mick, I’m sure you will excel in your new position. Bob Wood has been nominated our Branch Secretary, with Buster Keating taking on the role of Welfare Officer. Bob has done an outstanding job in Welfare, & with Buster’s past experience will also carry on the same tradition.
All other Positions on the Steering Committee will remain the same. John Harrison Treasurer; Ted Manning Slops Bosun; Ned Newcombe Periscope Warden; Tom Oates Web Master; Eoin Douglas-Smith Editor; Pat Thomas Social Secretary; Bob Pitman Chaplain; Alan Jameson Vice President; Allan Thomas President. This was agreed upon by a unanimous show of hands by Members present.




Birthday Wishes

13th Mick Hanlon

  13th Charlotte Keating

19th Dennis Williams

23rd Buster Keating

23rd Paul Meakin



                                                  Treasurer’s Report


Acceptance Proposed by:  Peter Treen
Seconded by:                   Mick   Hanlon



                                                 Secretary’s Report

Correspondence In:

From National Membership Sec Looking for payment of 2017 subs. There has been confusion in the U.K. due to Keith Bishop C.T.B. The reason I have asked to create the position of Membership Sec is at Keith’s recommendation to make the position as Sec easier for the incumbent

Correspondence Out:

Cheque has been sent to David Woolterton (The new U.K. membership Sec) for the sum of G.B.P. 170:oo 34 full members. We also have 5 WW11 veterans and 5 associate members. Out of the 5 associate members it should be noted that 3 Eoin Douglas Smith (Newsletter Editor) Pat Thomas (social sec) and Ted Manning (slops) help substantially with the good running of the branch.
Thank you all for your support over the last year and to remind you our next meeting is on Dec 6th (the 1st Wed).                                                      Regards Mick Hannah.



                                          President’s Report

There was a good turn-out for the Periscope Memorial Service on Monument hill, with the weather being dry & sunny. The new portable Gazebo did a great job protecting our Guests & public from the harsh sun. I would like to thank the following for making the Service such a memorable occasion; Sub for Captain: Captain Geoff Wadley R.A.N., Commander Bill Dull U.S. Navy; Chaplain Grant Ludlow R.A.N.; S/Lt Mark Penhorwood: T/S Anzac Cadets; President S.A.A. Terry Baker; Bugler Josh Abbott R.A.N. On completion of the Service we all retired to the Fremantle Navy Club for Up Spirits & a light Luncheon. A pleasant afternoon was had by all.


                                                 General Business

Buster Keating has been in contact with Don Fraser in Adelaide. It has only recently been made clear to us that Don was a World War 2 Submariner & that Don was never listed in the Submariner’s Association Diary of Veterans. This will be rectified for future Publications & Records.

10 Minute Dit: Barry Grace but due to length of AGM will be carried onto Dec MGM.
Rum Raffle Winner: Richard Drain



                                 Social Secretary’s Report & Coming Events

 Melbourne Cup Sweep: 40 x horses in Draw, all sold $200.00 Less Prizes $65.00/Profit for Assn $135.00 Banked. First Prize $50.00 Rekindling- Winner: Bob Wood; Second Prize $10.00 Johannes Vermeer- Winner: Pat Hanlon; Third Prize $5.00 Max Dynamite- Winner: Tom Oates.

Sunday November 19th End of Year Picnic 1200 @ Kings Park Pines BBQ Area. Gifts for raffles welcome.

 Wednesday December 6th S.A. Branch Monthly Meeting 1130 for 1200 @ The Flying Angel Club. 

Please note December’s MGM is the first Wednesday of the month, not the usual second Wednesday of the month.


Saturday December 9th Christmas Luncheon 1130 for 1200 @ Mt Henry Tavern.              Bar open from 11:30am Luncheon at Midday with a Xmas Menu.                                  Members & Widows FREE but Partners will be charged at $38.00 pp. Gifts for raffles welcome.


Golf Day TBA


                                                   Welfare Report

 Ken & Sonja Read:                                                                                                             Now that the better weather is here, Ken is able to take Sonja, in her wheelchair, around in the Care Home Garden. No change regarding Sonja’s condition. Ken has done a sterling job visiting not only his wife Sonja, but his mate Roy as well, on a regular basis keeping the Association informed of both Sonja & Roy’s progress. BZ Ken.

Roy Stedman:                                                                                                    He continues to improve daily. He is now doing turning, standing, sitting exercises from his wheelchair so that he can travel with his son to various places, even Association Meetings in the near future. Roy moved from Midland Hospital on Friday 10th November to Jeremiah Donovan House in Forrestfield.

Dennis Williams: Still undergoing tests.

Kath Poularis: No change.




                                                   Crossed The Bar

 David Hopkins: Ex Submariner. Official No. D174587F. Plymouth based 1978 – 1989. Not sure which boats he served on. He was not a Member of the Nottingham Branch.                                                                                           Regards: Paul Ellis, Secretary Nottingham Branch.

David Pritchard: Passed away 4th November 2017. David served in the Submarine Service from 1956 – 1959. He served on HM Submarines Aeneas, Seascout, 7 Amphion. He was a member of the Lincoln Branch S.A. Regards D. Willcock, Secretary Lincoln Branch.
Paddy Bronte-Hearn: An obituary in the Crawley Observer this week. Paddy Bronte-Hearn passed away aged 93 years. An Ex PO Tel. He served in World War II. He served in HM Submarines Seraph, Trespasser, Selene, Stygian, Token, Sportsman, Scotsman, Sirdar and Scythian. He was a member of SOCA and of the Gatwick Branch until about 12 years ago. Regards J. McMasters Secretary S.A.



             Crossed The Bar (Navy News)


Capt. Ian W Powe: Passed away September 2nd, 2017 aged 84 years. He entered BRNC in 1946. Completed sea training in the Arctic in HMS Devonshire. First main deployment in HMS Kenya which bombarded Communist Forces in Korea. First Command was the Ton Class Minesweeper HMS Crofton. Appointed to HMS Dolphin in 1963 as Torpedo and Anti-Submarine Specialist. He developed tactics to exploit sea conditions which are still used today. He became an “Honorary Submariner “and was given Life Membership of their Officer Association. He was 1st Lieut. Of HMS Londonderry in the Far East, then commanded Malta based 7th MCM Squadron in Minesweeper HMS Walkerton, and promoted to Commander. In January 1968, when Sicily was hit by an Earthquake, he orchestrated disaster relief and in gratitude had a road named after him. He was Capt. of HMS Yarmouth during the Cod War in 1973. He retired in 1986. He was a Member of the Association of RN Officers.

Capt. Nigel A Hoskin: Passed away September 30th, 2017 aged 71 years. He served on HMS Wizard and HMS Ashton, HMS Euryalus, HMY Britannia, HMS Danae, Brecon & MCM1. MOD DNOT, HMS Drake, MOD Controller’s Office, FO Plymouth ACOS (OPS). He also served on HM Submarines Sealion, Walrus, Acheron & Narwhal.

                                    Association of RN Officers / RNOC

Capt. Alec D. Barlow: Director General Ships. HMS Neptune, Drake, Dolphin, Maidstone, Medway, Collingwood, Tyne, Turpin, Totem, and ARTE Dounreay. He was 92 years of age.
Hope this report meets with your approval.


                             END OF AGM & MONTHLY GENERAL MEETING


The next Monthly General Meeting will be at The Flying Angel, Fremantle, on Wednesday 6th December 2017 commencing at 1200





November. 11th. 2017.

Pete Grace. ERA. Renown Association
Renown (Stbd) late 70s / early 80s.


 NOVEMBER. 8th. 2017.

John Hedley (TUG) Wilson. CCEMN. 74. in Cape Town.SA.
S/m Service: ****-1979.
Boats: Valiant & RENOWN


Bronte-Hearn.P. (Paddy) PO.Tel. 93. (L) GATWICK.
S/m Service: 1945-1954
Boats: Seraph Trespasser, Selene, Stygian, Token,
Sportsman, Scotsman, Sirdar & Scythian.


November. 4th. 2017.

David Pritchard. AB. 81. LINCOLN
S/m Service: 1956-1958.
Boats: Aeneas , Seascout & Amphion.



November. 1st. 2017.

WO (WEA 1) Hugh (Shuggie) Ross


October.8th. 2017.

WHITE, Edward (Ted) OBE. Cdr. 79.
Cumbria area



October. 7th. 2017.


Stuart Dickson. POCK (SM).





October. 2017.

Hollands.C. (Charles) LEM. 87 MEDWAY TOWNS                                            S/m Service: 1948-1960                                                                                         Boats: Anchorite, Sirdar, Sturdy & Trespasser


 October.4th. 2017.

D.W.(Des) Price. PO.Sto. 97. NEW ZEALAND

S/m Service:1944-1946
Boats:Otway, Tribune & Totem.


September. 30th. 2017.

Hunter.J.R. (John) AB. UC3.71. NORTHERN IRELAND                                                        S/m Service: 1966-1968                                                                                                 Boats: Totem, Sealion & Oberon


September. 19th. 2017

Smith.A.(Alex). CMEM.(L). 74. BLYTH & WANSBECK .                                                        S/m Service:1970-1979.                                                                                                 Boats: Revenge & Repulse.



September. 19th. 2017.

Hilton.H. (Harry). LMEM. 91. ESSEX.                                                                                  S/m Service: 1942-1946.                                                                                               Boats: Autra, Tapir & Truncheon.


September. 2017.

Watts-Tucker.K. (Kevin) WO.(TS). 68. GOSPORT

S/m Service:1969-1999 

Boats:Sealion, Rorqual, Conqueror, Valiant,
Warspite, Splendid & Churchill


September.6th. 2017.

Charles C Jones. A/ Tel.- L/Sto. 93. DOLPHIN BRANCH.
S/m Service: 1943 - 1949.
Boats: H.33, Spiteful & Supreme.



September. 2nd. 2017.

Lee. W.H. (Bill) AB. ST. 92 Australia Branch.
S/m Service: 1943-1947.
Boats: Trenchant, Trump, & Satyr.


September. 2nd. 2017.

Jon Graham (Ben) Wheeler. in Cumbria.
Served on Revenge & Sovereign



Dated,,, 1st Sept

The Royal Berkshire Submariners were honoured to attend the funeral, this morning, of Jack Edwin Froude at Caversham Crematorium.

Froude.J. (Jack) Stk 1. 96 . ROYAL BERKS
S/m Service:1943-1947
Boats: Sealion, Tantivy, P614 & Trusty.


August. 29th. 2017.

WGF (Bill) Organ. OBE. Cdr. 74.
S/m Service: 1966. --
Boats: Artful, Cachalot , Perisher 1974, Porpoise , Oberon, Valiant .



August. 26th. 2017.


Mark Lane (Submariner) from Harrogate.



August.24th. 2017.


Gerald Victor Marriott. L/SA. 64.
S/m Service: 1972-1985.
Boats: Otter, Olympus, Narwhal, Osiris, & Orpheu




 August. 24th. 2017.

Vowden.W.P.G. (Bill) AB.ST. 91 MEDWAY TOWNS
S/m Service: 1944-1947
Boats:Sportsman Vagabond Tudor.



 August. 20th. 2017.


Michael Davenport (Dudley) C.MEM. 74. BARROW-IN-FURNESS.    

S/m Service: 1961-1982
Boats: Seascout Talent Dreadnought Resolution Revenge Sceptre.


August. 18th. 2017.

John Hamblett. PO.MEM.(L)

Boats: - - - -? Sceptre.



August. 16th. 2017,


Lewis. R.E. (Ralph) CPO.Coxn. 88. DOLPHIN
S/m Service:1959-1969
Boats: Seadevil, Thermopylae, Trenchant, Alderney,
Tiptoe & Resolution



 August. 4th. 2017.

Billy (Chris) Belcher (CMEA)
HMS Tireless build crew



August. 1st. 2017.

Bishop. K.H. (Keith) PO.REL 72. S.A. Exec'. Dolphin.
Membership Secretary.
S/m Service: 1966-1976.
Boats: Finwhale, Oberon, Acheron & Andrew.



August. 1st. 2017.

Keith Radford (Radders) PO. Rel.
Boats: Otus, Conquoror, Opossum.



July.30th. 2017.

Peter 'Ginge' Fairclough, CPO WEM (O). 59.
S/m Service: NK
Boats: NK, S/m10 Polaris.



July. 20th. 2017.

Ken Holtham,  L/Tel. 92.  DERBY.
S/m Service: 1941-1953.
Boats: Acheron, Sahib, Spiteful, Stoic, Sturdy,
           Tabard, Talent & Trenchant.


July. 19th. 2017.

William C Stampton. L/Tel. 97. DOLPHIN.
S/m Service: 1940 until 1946.
Boats: Tuna, Seadog and two Dutch S/M's 015 & Zwardfish


July. 10th. 2017.

Peter Trevalion.   Lt Cdr RNR.   88.    Dolphin branch.
S/m Service: 1952 to 1962
Boats: Astute, Anchorite, Aeneas and Alaric.


July. 1st. 2017.

James Thomsett. AB. LTO. 96. East Kent Branch.
S/m Service: 1941 to 1950.
Boats: H50, P36, K1X, Thule, Sea Nymph, Sturdy & Sea Devil.



June. 28th. 2017.

M.L.C. "Tubby" Crawford RN, DSC and Bar. Capt.
He was First Lt of the first HMS UPHOLDER and Commanded HMS UNSEEN,
operating in the Mediterranean during WW2.

His grandson reports that he had spent 27th with his family and old comrades celebrating his hundredth birthday. He died peacefully in the evening of 28th surrounded by his family having said his farewells.



June. 24th. 2017.


Captain Peter Cobb OBE Royal Navy




June. 19th. 2017.

P.G. (Charlie) Moon. LME. 74. INDALO SPAIN
S/m Service: 1964-1970.
Boats: Token, Auriga, Rorqual & Onslaught.


 June. 16th. 2017.


Trevor W Dodwell. C.R.S 72, Lincoln Branch
S/m Service: 1963 - 1982
Boats: Talent, Andrew, Cachalot, Alliance, Revenge & Resolution.



 June. 10th. 2017

Stanley Crosby. POMEM(M). ex Warspite.


June. 6th. 2017.

Mark James Shores, 31. MEM SM. (Serving. SM 2.)



5th.June 2017

Dave Geeson. WO nuclear greenie,
Dreadnought. Revenge (S) and others.




June. 4th. 2017.

Brian (Twiggy) Birch. P. O. CEL. ( In Australia )
S/m Service: 1959-1969.
Boats: Acheron , Tabard, Taciturn, then RAN.



 June. 2nd. 2017.


Percie Cooke. PO Stoker. 101. Dolphin Branch. Beds & Herts.
S/m Service: 1939 - 1945.
Boats: Narwhal, Tempest, L.28, H49, Cachalot, Thunderbolt,
Turbulent, Clyde, Sturdy and Surf.




May. 30th. 2017.


Norman (Brigham) Young. BEM. CPO.Coxn. GOSPORT S/m Service: 1947-1968 

Boats: Telemachus, Selene, Seadevil, Grampus, Thermopylae, Acheron,Walrus, Seneschal & Scorcher.




May.      2017.


Crossman J. (John) L/Sea. 89. GOSPORT

S/m Service: 1947-1953
Boats: Astute, Aurochs, Tabard & Sanguine.




May. 19th.2017.


S/m Service: 1945-1955
Boats: Tally-Ho, Anchorite, Thorough, & Solent(CO).




May. 19th. 2017.

J. Peter Fox.(Foxy) 47. in Huddersfield.

Known boats: Conqueror, Sovereign, Ursula & Sceptre.



 May. 13th. 2917.


Norman Dodd.  L/Sea.  75.  Merseyside.
S/m Service: 1962 - 1969.
Boats: Narwhal, Warspite and Alliance.


May.12th. 2017.

Christopher Anton Hemmings. 28. (in Devon ) fatal car accident,
Submariner on HMS Triumph, he was an AB Sonar.
Had recently became an Officer and was still serving at HMS Collingwood.



May. 8th. 2017.


Nigel 'Annie' Annable. LSA. 56,  in Nelson. New Zealand.
S/m Service: 1970s-1980s
Known boats: Courageous & Valiant.




Hurndall. D.J. (Derek). TO2.  80.   MANCHESTER 
S/m Service: 1957-1961 
Boats: Taciturn & Ambush.


May.     2017.

Rae.J.B. (Jim)  L/Tel.  82   SCOTTISH.
S/m Service:
Boats: Tally-Ho, Trump, Sturdy, Trenchant & Tudor.


May. 7th. 2017.

Henderson W.H. (Bill) CC.MEA.(P). 76  NOTTINGHAM  

 S/m Service: 1962-1986   
Boats: Oberon, Andrew & Onslaught.


 May. 7th. 2017.


Terry Mortlock.  POLTO, 

 Auriga ,Alliance & Opportune.



May. 2nd. 2017.


Tim, (Rattler), Morgan.
of Sealion fame crossed the bar aged 56.


 May. 2nd. 2017.


Paul Keefe




May. 1st. 2017.


Charles Fredrick Rear.  St Mech.  86.
He served on Tireless in 1953


April. 29th. 2017.

Wade. D.E. (Don). L.M.E. 83. BARROW-IN-FURNESS 
S/m Service: 19/55-1958 
Boats: Sea Scout-Solent Artemis Auriga.



 April. 24th. 2017.


David Cullum. 
Served on Porpoise   wrecker on Trafalger



 April. 19th. 2017.


Richard. A. 'Jumbo' Pearse. OAM.  WOUWSM. 84.
Woodford QLD,
Eastern States Submariner.
S/m Service: 1952-1962.RN--1969-1988.RAN.
Boats: Aurochs, Telemachus, Thermopylae,                                   Thorough,
Tireless & Tapir.
Oxley, Otway,   Ovens, & Onslow.



April.      2017.


John Godkin.  CCMEA(P)
S/m Service:
Boats: Anchorite, Tiptoe, Churchill , Valiant & Courageous,



6th April 2017

Keith Simpson.  CPO(COXN). 87.  Peterborough Branch
S/m Service: 1947-1958.
Boats: Turpin, Selene, Sturdy ,Talent , Ambush, Seraph, Thermoplyae



Tuesday 4th April


Roy ' Fritzy' Mulliner
Sealion, onslaught,Otus, sm1 and others


Reported: 3rd. April. 2017.

P. (Pete). Ray. SAP.(RAN)   68.
S/M. Service: 1969. Ocelot.


  March. 27th. 2017.

 Colin (jake) Wade. .... UC1.
 Resolution. 77-80. & Renown



March.24th. 2017.


David.(Nobby) Hall.  L/ CK. (L) Gosport Branch.
S/m Service: 1970-1990.
Boats: Churchill, Swiftsure, Ocelot, Sealion, Otter, Opossum & Odin.


March 22nd 2017

Tim Austin .  Lt Cdr. 

Resolution, Trenchant, Trump, Opportune, Tabard and Slythian.
CO. Artemis.
retired in 1987 to a  florist shop in Virginia Beach, USA.


21st March 2017

PO Michael Skehill     Blackpool  area
 HMS Alliance, Odin, Orpheus and Olympus as well as others



March 20th.

Mac, McCurry   CRS(SM)
In Devon.
Spartan Assoc'


 March.      2017.

Adam Bergius DSC  S/Lt. RNVR.

Adam served with our late member Lt Cdr Max Shean DSO* RANVR in HMS XE4 during a mission to cut the Singapore-Saigon, and the Hong Kong-Saigon submerged communications cables.


March.12th. 2017


John Finch.  CPO Coxn.  91.  Vectis Branch.
S/m Service: 1948 -1971.
Boats: Sentinel, Thule, Auriga, Sidon, Anchorite,
Thermopylae , Totem, Sanguine, Trenchant,
Trespasser, Tiptoe and Andrew.



March.11th. 2017


Short.H. Hughie.  M(E)1. 76.  Barrow                                             S/m Service: 1962-1967 
Boats:Token & Osiris.




March. 11th. 2017.


Brown. Andy.   79. Mech1,  
in Oulton Broad near Lowestoft.
Served on Auriga 1968-1971.


 8th March. 2017.


Henry John Peach.  LTO. 96.   Isle of Wight.

 Served on  Saracen, Seraph & Taurus,  
1939 - 1945



March 8th. 2017.


 Danny Joyce    OA
Oracle with his brother Bobby, then went to V boats
 Was on Artful before he left.




 March.3rd. 2017.

John 'Bungy' Williams. CPO.MEM(M).
HMS Revenge & HMS Resolution Assoc's.