Eastern States Submariners



                                           EASTERN STATES SUBMARINERS






                                               Wednesday 27thSeptember 2017


                            General Meeting “Submariners Eastern States ”


                                       1130 hrs  at the Barracks RSL Sydney




 Chair  Tom McCammont.


ATTENDANCE :Tom McCammont, Lindsay Morris, Ray Banks, David Onslow, John Cross , Joe Greener , Taff Renshaw , Mike Hickie , Joan Wilson , Tony Maddock , Lew Dodds






L. Hannigan.,Phil Collins , Tim Duchesne , Terry Hoare. Roger Downs . And all those thru ill health and the tyranny of distance makes it impossible for them to attend.


CONFIRMATION OF PREVIOUS MINUTES  Tony Maddock Seconder Taff Renshaw






The Treasurer  gave his financial report to the meeting for the  period 16th August to 27th September 2017..The report is available to financial members on application to the secretary.






I has been agreed that the reunion and the K13 Memorial service will be combined on Sunday 28th.January 2018 at a venue to be announced we will investigate the local Bowling club.   It was proposed that we have a members  BBQ and Family day in early March 2018  and we ask John Reid if he would host it at his property at Castle Hill,


The President Tom McCammont informed the meeting that he had asked the NSW Branch of the Submarines Association Australia.at their meeting if we could have a commemorative plaque at the  HMAS PLATYPUS. site, of the RN boats that served in the 4th Submarine  Squadron Sydney from 1949 to 1969 they have agreed to this request. Tom proposed that we use a facsimile of the Plaque  erected at HMAS PENQUIN.in a lectern form similar to the one at the K13 Memorial. And submit it for their  approval.



 WELFARE: David Onslow    


June Nobes is ok and is still getting around, Alex Laird is doing Ok and is going to Concord hospital for tests sends his regards to all. Sue Hoare is doing very well and  and is  home Terry Hoare  is doing well. Sharky Ward is confined to a wheelchair. Pam has had the flu ,so been unable to see  Sharky for two weeks. Phil Collins is  on the mend and hopes to attend the next meeting


There being no further business the meeting was shut 1210hrs  we adjourned to the bistro for lunch.


Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th November  at 1130 hrs at the Barracks RSL. Sydney