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                                           EASTERN STATES SUBMARINERS



Minutes of meeting held August 16th at Barracks
T.McCammont,Lindsay Morris,Ray Banks,Tim Duchene,David Onslow,Marta Onslow.
Due to the depleted attendance the meeting was held in the main bar,and of course was short and sweet, with some details as follows.
Welfare Report supplied by David.
June Nobes is ok and is still getting around,and is going into Concord Hospital next week for an interview regarding her Parkinsons.
Alex Laird is doing ok and is happy and sends his regards to all.
Sue Hoare is doing very well and very cheerful she is going to be moved tothe Hawksbury hospital in the near future and hopes to be out of hospital much sooner than expected.
Terry Hoare is doing well at the present time,and is going into respie for 8 weeks until Sue is fit again.
Pam Ward is ok and sees Sharky everyday,he is in bed mostly and is on Oxygen and is confined to his room due to a Gastro outbreak.
Phil Collins has had a had a heart attack and is due to have several by passes on Monday 21st at the Lake Macquarrie Hospital (tel 02 49433122)
Liam Hannigan is down with food poisoning.
Taff Renshaw has had some recent health problems,more news on that later.