Social Secretary’s Report & Coming Events.



Sunday March 26th End of Summer BBQ @ Kings Park 1200 Pines BBQ Area 1200. Gifts for Raffle welcome.


Tuesday April 25th ANZAC Day March @ Fremantle.


 Followed by luncheon at Fremantle Sailing Club. Parking available at club which has been confirmed by Terry Baker, President of S.A.A. The Galle Restaurant has been booked, ready for 12noon. Bar Menu: 3 to 4 items include Beef Burgers, Fish & Chips, & Vegetarian option. Cost will be $25.00 per item, which will include a visit to a salad bar. Rum Raffle will be accommodated. If numbers go up, the Wardroom will be made available. Plenty of Parking available.


 Friday May 26th Subvets Memorial @ Albany. Accommodation at Le Grande Motel. Evening: Meet & Greet.


Saturday May 27th Combined Dinner @ Albany. U.S. Navy, S.A.A. & RN S.A.Submariners.


 Sunday May 28th U.S. Navy Submarine Memorial Service @ Albany 1030. At Princess Royal Fortress.                                                                                        Names & Numbers required by February MGM for booking purposes.


Saturday June 24th Mid Year Luncheon @ RAAFA Bullcreek 1130 for 1200. TBC Charles Costeau Trophy Presentation. Gifts for Raffle Welcome.








Trophy sculpted by the late Ivor Charlick.
President. Allan Thomas presents Trophy to Treasurer.

                               The Charles Costeur Memorial Trophy

The award is made in memory of Charles Costeur, Branch Founding Member, June. 1962.
The award is presented annualy by ballot of members to the member deemed to have contributed outstanding service on behalf of the Australia Branch. Submariners Association.

The 2016 award receipiant is John Harrison, Branch Treasurer, in recognition of his excellent consilidation of Branch Finances.

     Submariners Annual Week-end Pilgrimage. SubVet s Memorial.

          Albany. May. 27th--29th. 2016.  Base:  'Le Grande Motel'.



The 2016 USN Submariners Memorial service was held on a very pleasant cloudy and a wintery Sunday morning in Albany on 29 May 2016.

 As always a number of representatives from the United States Navy (USN) Submarine Service, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Submarine Service, the Submarine Association of Australia (WA Branch) SAA (WAB) the RN Submariners Association (Australia Branch) RNSA (AB), wives, partners and families took the opportunity to enjoy a two to three day break in Albany. After our travel down on Friday 27 May 2016 most attended and enjoyed the Friday night Channels drinks at the Le Grande Motel to repeat oft told tall tales about past runs ashore embellished as the night wore on.

 Also on Friday night Sid Czabotar visited the Naval Cadet Unit TS Vancouver and presented to the CO Lieutenant Gary Fullarton them with S Vancouver Red and White Port Bottles 1991 vintage from Fred Lawrence’s Cellar which were donated in memory of Fred by Barbara and Yoli Lawrence