Submariners Association

Periscope Memorial.Monument Hill. High St Fremantle.

R.N. Boatsmen DownUnder

   Meet at 'The Flying Angel Club'. 76. Queen Victoria St. Fremantle. on the 2nd   Wednesday of each month at 1130 for 'Up Spirits' 1200.

We average a casing muster of 22 from 43 members and our remit is to uphold the constitution of The Association in fostering the comradery inherant in our fellow travellers of the deep.

Various functions are held throughout the year, Annual Dinner,Memorial Services, BBQs and reunions with Kindred Associations.

                                Eastern States. RN Submariners Group.

Meet at the RSL Combined Services Club. 5/7.Barrack St. Sydney. NSW.            See AUSTRALIA EASTERN page for times, dates and contacts.

               Keith Bishop. Membership Secretary.


A man with a heart as big as his stature and a stalwart of the 'Submariners Association'


STOP Press.

                        2017. Mountbatten Festival of Music.

                                   " Anchors Away"& üp Periscope"


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ANZAC muster 2017
ANZAC Day 2017